Winter 2012 Decisive Challenge December 15th and 16th

Well the date has been set for the next Challenge and it will be held on December 15th and 16th.

What's new? By expanding the shooting period to 48 hours we hope to provide people with more flexibility in scheduling their participation. Many people work or have activities on the weekend and hopefully this longer period for shooting will give even more people the chance to take part in the Challenge.

Mark your calendars, plan your shoot and have fun!

December Decisive Challenge Date Poll

Please take a moment to fill out the poll at the bottom of this page to determine the date(s) for the December Challenge. We appreciate your feedback.

The Decisive Challenge Winter Edition

We are hard at work planning for the next Challenge this coming December. Details will be available shortly.

If you would like to be a prize sponsor let us know as we're planning on making this the best and biggest Challenge yet.

Stay tuned!