What is it?

What is the Decisive Challenge VII?

Simply it's a weekend of street photography in your city or town, no matter where you may be. It's a competition where all entries will be displayed on this site and a winner chosen. It's a competition where your name and reputation do not matter, your photo does. And finally, it's a challenge where your gear, supremely expensive or a hand-me-down, isn't the determinant...your image is.

We're planning on two of these a year from now on after taking a break in 2011, one Summer and one Winter. Future challenges will include prizes and we are trying to come up with some special incentives for participating, more on that later.

So make the weekend of June 30th & July 1st-2nd a time to remember and take part in the Decisive Challenge. Pick your time out on your own or a day with friends around...whatever suits your style. No matter the choice, make it fun and show your stuff.

Key Dates (Updated with Longer Submission Window):

  • June 30th and July 1st and 2nd- Weekend to shoot your image.
  • July 15th at midnight PDT- Deadline for submitting your image.
  • July 19th, 2017- Voting begins.
  • July 30th at midnight PDT- Voting closes.
  • Winners announced August 1st.

See the Rules Page for details on the event.

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