Enter your image

If you have an image taken on 12/13 or 12/14 that you'd like to enter into the challenge you can do so until January 4th. Go to Submit Entry on DecisiveChallenge.com.

Good luck!

The Challenge is ON everywhere!

Head out of the house and take your picture for the Challenge this weekend. After you decide on an image you can submit it on DecisiveChallenge.com.

Good luck, have fun!!!

The Challenge is "On" in the Far East

For our friends in Asia and Australia the Challenge is now on (it's Saturday!). Once you take and get your image ready it can be submitted here.

Have a great time!

Get ready to shoot this coming weekend!

December 13th and 14th are the days for capturing your Decisive Challenge image. Plan ahead, go solo or meet some friends and have fun.