Entries are Coming In from All Over the World

It's still very early in the submission process but already we're seeing entries from all over the world! In addition to a number of entries from the US (California, New York) we have a strong International flavor brewing as well. Greece, Australia, Vietnam and London already are represented.

Submitting your entries is easy, let's see your corner of the World!

Upload Your Photo and Enter the Challenge.

Submitting Your Entry

Now that you've finished taking your pictures it's time to pick out one for entry into the Decisive Challenge. Once you select it and after making sure it's done according to the rules you simply GO TO THIS PAGE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY.

The hard part is done, now make your selection and let's see what happens!

One more Day of Shooting... Sunday December 16th

One more day of shooting, Sunday December 16th. I hope those of you who went out today had some good luck, it rained here in the San Francisco Bay Area but I still was out from 7AM till 5PM.
We also had our first entry into the Challenge, submitted by a photographer in Greece. We look forward to seeing many more come in in the coming weeks.
Entry Form.

The Challenge is ON!

December 15th has arrived in all but two time zones and it means that The Decisive Challenge Winter Edition 2012 is here! You have until Midnight on Sunday (Dec 16th) to do your shooting.

Very few rules but these are the biggies:
- Submitted image must be shot Dec 15th or 16th, no exceptions please.
- Image must be in B&W (toning such as sepia is fine)
- Maximum dimensions are 1200px on the longest side
- Max file size is 300k
- No sharing of the image, watermarking or naming of any kind is allowed. We want the entries to be anonymous. File naming must not give away he photographer either.

You can submit your entry any time after Dec 15th until Jan 10th. For full rules visit: http://www.decisivechallenge.com/p/the-rules-how-to-submit-your-entry.html

Get out there and have some fun! Use your keen eye to find that one great image!

Winter Challenge Next Weekend!

Hopefully you're setting time aside to shoot on Dec 15th or 16th, we're inside of a week to go! Call some friends and make it a fun day of photography in your world.

New Submission Deadline: January 10th

Given the fact that the Winter Challenge is taking place during the Holiday Season an astute participant pointed out that some film shooters might be hard pressed to develop and scan their entries in time for submission. Wanting to make this as fun and inclusive as possible we thoroughly agree and, as such, we have lengthened our window for submission and also modified the voting dates accordingly.

Have a look at the new Key Dates Schedule (Updated with Longer Submission Window):

  • December 15th & 16th- Weekend to shoot your image.
  • January 10th at midnight PDT- Deadline for submitting your image.
  • January 12th, 2013- Voting begins.
  • January 20th at midnight PDT- Voting closes.

Awesome Prizes!

Thanks to the generosity of folks on Rangefinderforum.com we have an incredible collection of prizes for this December Decisive Challenge.

Prizes include:
- A used Leica IIIC camera with a Leica Summitar Lens.
- A used Agfa Isolette camera and roll of TMAX 120 Film.
- A used Olympus E-P1 digital camera with 17/2.8 lens and Optical Viewfinder.
- 10 Rolls of Tri-X 35mm film.
- A 100' Roll of Arista EDU 100,200 or 400 speed film.

 That's a pretty awesome collection to compete for! Due to the International nature of the competition and the cost of overseas shipping it is possible the winners may have to pick up some of the shipping charge. Still a great deal!

 If you've never been to RangeFinderForum, check it out. Great people, terrific discussions and some excellent photography on display. The Decisive Challenge thread can be found here and I highly encourage you to sign up (free) and join in on the conversation!

Another superb forum is the Leica User Forum (or L Camera Forum). Not only is there all the info that any Leica fan would ever want or need but there also is an amazing collection of photography submitted by members. Highly recommended!

Winter 2012 Decisive Challenge December 15th and 16th

Well the date has been set for the next Challenge and it will be held on December 15th and 16th.

What's new? By expanding the shooting period to 48 hours we hope to provide people with more flexibility in scheduling their participation. Many people work or have activities on the weekend and hopefully this longer period for shooting will give even more people the chance to take part in the Challenge.

Mark your calendars, plan your shoot and have fun!

December Decisive Challenge Date Poll

Please take a moment to fill out the poll at the bottom of this page to determine the date(s) for the December Challenge. We appreciate your feedback.

The Decisive Challenge Winter Edition

We are hard at work planning for the next Challenge this coming December. Details will be available shortly.

If you would like to be a prize sponsor let us know as we're planning on making this the best and biggest Challenge yet.

Stay tuned!

The Winner of the Decisive Challenge Summer 2012 is....

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in the image creation and voting process, it's that participation that makes this so fun! I hope we can make the December Challenge an even greater event with the same quality and variety of images we enjoyed this time around.

The Results
The votes have been cast and counted and all that is left is to announce the results. 24 images received votes but there can one be three winners…So here we go.

The winners of the 2012 Decisive Challenge Summer Edition are:

1st Place Winner: Constructivism by Alkis Plithas (Telenous on RFF)

2nd Place WInner: Contemplation by Gail Tang (Who placed last year as well!)

3rd Place Winner: A Dark Place by Lea (Lea on RFF)

I will be contacting the winner so he can have his choice of the prizes, then the second place winner so she may choose from the remaining two prizes. 

The Prizes are:

- 10'" Think Tank Bag
- User grade Nikon F3
- 100' roll of either Arista EDU 100 or 400 film

Nice work everyone and thanks for playing along! Until the next time, this December...Happy Shooting!!

Voting Closed. Tabulation Begins.

The voting for the summer 2012 Challenge is officially closed. Over the next day or so we'll be adding up the votes from all sources and we'll be announcing the winner shortly.

Wednesday Midnight Voting Deadline

Remember that the voting deadline is Wednesday August 29th at Midnight (Pacific time, 3AM Eastern). Have your votes counted!

Time to Vote!!!

We have placed the images up on a server and it's time to vote for your 3 favorite images! Make sure you look at the large versions of all the images, there are some really nice submissions.

Click here to see the Decisive Challenge entries.
Click here if your device doesn't support Flash (iphone & iPad for example).

Voting is Easy!

Simply review the images, jot down the names of your 3 favorites, and post your choices here in this thread. Number them 1 to 3 with 1 being your favorite.

1- Girl in Boat
2- Skyline
3- Easy Does It

It's that simple!

The only rule…no voting for your own image. This will make it a little more fun and make everyone really have a look at the work of other participants.

For now you can vote in 3 Ways (only 1 time total please):

  1. Vote in the thread on Rangefinderforum.com.
  2. Vote on Facebook.
  3. Vote by Email by sending your vote to: HCBEntries@gmail.com (not preferred).

The only rule…no voting for your own image. This will make it a little more fun and make everyone really have a look at the work of other participants.

Images being prepared for voting!

We're busy putting together the review pages for voting and barring any big snafu it should be ready for you on Wednesday!

Submission Deadline Has Passed.

The submission deadline has now passed. Thank you to everyone who has participated.

Entries will be posted in the coming days for voting so please check back or sign up for automatic updates.

Great stuff everyone!

Deadline for Submitting is Midnight Tonight.

You still have time to submit your entry into the Decisive Challenge. Send along your image by midnight tonight and you're in!

Shooting Phase Complete. How to Submit Your Entry.

Well now comes the fun part, deciding on which image to choose from your outings yesterday! Check out the rules and easy process for submitting your entry on the "Rules and Submission Entry" page.

Remember....your image must be submitted by midnight August 20th (PDT).

A Few Hours Left...

Depending on where you live you may still have a few hours left to
run out and participate in the Challenge. Go for it!!

Time to Shoot! Good Luck!

For those in the Western time zones it's time to get out there and shoot! Have a great time and may you all come back with something that puts a smile on your face.

Remember...once done please do not post any images you're thinking of submitting into the contest anywhere on the web. We'd like to keep this as anonymous as possible so voting is fair.


The Challenge Begins! Go Forth and Shoot!

Here we are, August 5th. Break out your camera and your film or memory card, it's time to shoot! A couple quick things to remember:

  1. Submissions will be in B&W.
  2. Do not share your image(s) you're planning to submit anywhere until after voting is completed. We want this to be anonymous for fair voting.
  3. Submission rules and procedures can be found through the link at the top of the page.
Have fun!!

The Challenge Begins in Asia and Australia!

The sun is coming up in Asia, the Far East and Australia on August 5th so the Challenge is on in those areas! I hope all the participants in that region have a great day out and about!

One day to go for those of us in the Western time zones!

We're on Twitter!

We now have a twitter account set up @DecisiveHCB.

During the Decisive Challenge you can communicate with other participants and interested parties through the use of the following hashtag:


Use the tag to post some pics from where you're shooting, who you're with and just anything you find interesting or amusing on this day of Street Shooting!

This Sunday, August 5th.

Are you busy picking out the camera(s) and lenses you'll be using? I sure am! Remember that you can use any camera you would like and shoot as much as you like, as long as it's on August 5th.

3 Days and counting...

Decisive Challenge Summer 2012 - August 5th

August 5th, mark it on your calendars! In the spirit of HCB, Winogrand, Gilden, Meyerwitz and so many others take to the streets and capture that one image that makes everyone stop and stare for a moment.

Use whatever equipment you like, this competition is about the image. Shoot as much or as little as you want on August 5th, just bring back your best take on street photography and a "Decisive Moment". Although it's a competition just seeing the variety of street shots all taken on the same day should make an interesting collection from which to choose a winner.

Check the rules for details and please tell your friends to take part!