The Winner of the Decisive Challenge Summer 2012 is....

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in the image creation and voting process, it's that participation that makes this so fun! I hope we can make the December Challenge an even greater event with the same quality and variety of images we enjoyed this time around.

The Results
The votes have been cast and counted and all that is left is to announce the results. 24 images received votes but there can one be three winners…So here we go.

The winners of the 2012 Decisive Challenge Summer Edition are:

1st Place Winner: Constructivism by Alkis Plithas (Telenous on RFF)

2nd Place WInner: Contemplation by Gail Tang (Who placed last year as well!)

3rd Place Winner: A Dark Place by Lea (Lea on RFF)

I will be contacting the winner so he can have his choice of the prizes, then the second place winner so she may choose from the remaining two prizes. 

The Prizes are:

- 10'" Think Tank Bag
- User grade Nikon F3
- 100' roll of either Arista EDU 100 or 400 film

Nice work everyone and thanks for playing along! Until the next time, this December...Happy Shooting!!

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