New Submission Deadline: January 10th

Given the fact that the Winter Challenge is taking place during the Holiday Season an astute participant pointed out that some film shooters might be hard pressed to develop and scan their entries in time for submission. Wanting to make this as fun and inclusive as possible we thoroughly agree and, as such, we have lengthened our window for submission and also modified the voting dates accordingly.

Have a look at the new Key Dates Schedule (Updated with Longer Submission Window):

  • December 15th & 16th- Weekend to shoot your image.
  • January 10th at midnight PDT- Deadline for submitting your image.
  • January 12th, 2013- Voting begins.
  • January 20th at midnight PDT- Voting closes.

Awesome Prizes!

Thanks to the generosity of folks on we have an incredible collection of prizes for this December Decisive Challenge.

Prizes include:
- A used Leica IIIC camera with a Leica Summitar Lens.
- A used Agfa Isolette camera and roll of TMAX 120 Film.
- A used Olympus E-P1 digital camera with 17/2.8 lens and Optical Viewfinder.
- 10 Rolls of Tri-X 35mm film.
- A 100' Roll of Arista EDU 100,200 or 400 speed film.

 That's a pretty awesome collection to compete for! Due to the International nature of the competition and the cost of overseas shipping it is possible the winners may have to pick up some of the shipping charge. Still a great deal!

 If you've never been to RangeFinderForum, check it out. Great people, terrific discussions and some excellent photography on display. The Decisive Challenge thread can be found here and I highly encourage you to sign up (free) and join in on the conversation!

Another superb forum is the Leica User Forum (or L Camera Forum). Not only is there all the info that any Leica fan would ever want or need but there also is an amazing collection of photography submitted by members. Highly recommended!