Entries are Coming In from All Over the World

It's still very early in the submission process but already we're seeing entries from all over the world! In addition to a number of entries from the US (California, New York) we have a strong International flavor brewing as well. Greece, Australia, Vietnam and London already are represented.

Submitting your entries is easy, let's see your corner of the World!

Upload Your Photo and Enter the Challenge.

Submitting Your Entry

Now that you've finished taking your pictures it's time to pick out one for entry into the Decisive Challenge. Once you select it and after making sure it's done according to the rules you simply GO TO THIS PAGE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY.

The hard part is done, now make your selection and let's see what happens!

One more Day of Shooting... Sunday December 16th

One more day of shooting, Sunday December 16th. I hope those of you who went out today had some good luck, it rained here in the San Francisco Bay Area but I still was out from 7AM till 5PM.
We also had our first entry into the Challenge, submitted by a photographer in Greece. We look forward to seeing many more come in in the coming weeks.
Entry Form.

The Challenge is ON!

December 15th has arrived in all but two time zones and it means that The Decisive Challenge Winter Edition 2012 is here! You have until Midnight on Sunday (Dec 16th) to do your shooting.

Very few rules but these are the biggies:
- Submitted image must be shot Dec 15th or 16th, no exceptions please.
- Image must be in B&W (toning such as sepia is fine)
- Maximum dimensions are 1200px on the longest side
- Max file size is 300k
- No sharing of the image, watermarking or naming of any kind is allowed. We want the entries to be anonymous. File naming must not give away he photographer either.

You can submit your entry any time after Dec 15th until Jan 10th. For full rules visit: http://www.decisivechallenge.com/p/the-rules-how-to-submit-your-entry.html

Get out there and have some fun! Use your keen eye to find that one great image!

Winter Challenge Next Weekend!

Hopefully you're setting time aside to shoot on Dec 15th or 16th, we're inside of a week to go! Call some friends and make it a fun day of photography in your world.