Announcement: Decisive Challenge IV Summer 2013 June 29th & 30th. Join In!

As summer makes it’s way across the Norther Hemisphere it’s time to dust off the street shooting gear and go out to try and capture the “Decisive Moment” once again. Join with fellow photographers from around the world to create a day where street shooting and capturing life around you reigns supreme. Whether you’re in a small town or a major metropolis, do your best and share your skill and “eye” with fellow photographers.

 Use any camera you like. Shoot as much, or as little as you like on June 29th & 30th. This fun challenge is about the end result, how you get there is your business.

 We are going to set up a gathering of our local RFF group for that day as a bit of a nexus for getting lots of people involved in a fun way. I’d love to see regional clubs around the world do the same.

 If you're planning in participating please let us know here by exclaiming "I'm In!" in the comments area. Having a nice big turnout might help us with sponsors so we can have some goodies for the top vote getters!

When: Saturday and Sunday, June 29th and 30th.

Where: EVERYWHERE. The challenge itself is a worldwide challenge, open to anyone who wants to capture a “decisive moment” on the 29th & 30th. Let's see street work from around the world on one day, this day.

What’s this all about? On June 29th & 30th you will head out into your local city, village or town and try to make HCB or Garry Winogrand proud. One thing to remember, this is about YOUR style of shooting street, not an attempt to copy HCB or anyone else. Let your talent shine.

What are the rules? Not many.

  • All photos MUST BE TAKEN ON June 29th or 30th. 
  • This is not a limited “one lens, one camera” challenge, instead you can use whatever tool best works for you and take as many pictures as you like. Digital, Analogue, Rangefinder, SLR, Holga, iPhone...whatever you like. HCB used the tools that were right for him, and if he was alive today he would do the same I am sure. It’s about the image and capturing the moment, use whatever allows you to do that. 
  • You have ALL DAY to shoot so you can find the light and conditions that are right for you. It’s the honor system, so an image taken one minute too early or late should not be submitted. 
  • Please submit all photos in Black and White. Well, that’s a nod to HCB and his preferred medium. 
  • Each participant can enter one, and only one, photo. If we do not get enough participation we may expand this to two photos but let’s count on only one. 
  • For fair and unbiased judging please do not include anything that tips off who took the shot. No watermarking or copyrights on photos, no naming that gives away who the photographer is.
  • IMPORTANT- Pictures should not be shared anywhere before the contest. Anonymity is important for a nice fair vote later on. Any images that have been found anywhere on the web prior to results being posted will be disqualified. 
How do we submit our entries?

  • You will have until midnight on July 14th to submit your entries via the entry form located at 
  • Submissions should be no more than 300k and measure no longer than 1000 pixels wide.   
Then what?

  • On July 16th I will take all submitted photos and post them, in random order and with no names attached, to a site for review. 
  •  Voting will be open until midnight July 28th (PST Time). 
  • Votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced on August 29th. Example where photo “x” is your favorite, “F” is your second choice and “A” is your 3rd favorite. You must make 3 selections or the votes will not be counted.: X-1 F-2 A-3 
Prizes... Well beyond the obvious honor and thrill of winning this event we are working to provide some nice prizes for the top three vote getters. [B]We are currently seeking out sponsors and prize donations so there is no guarantee at this point of any prizes.[/B] [I]**If you are a merchant or a manufacturer that would like to sponsor or supply a prize please let me know![/I]

Most Importantly... Have Fun! This event is designed to give shooters of all types, with all different equipment, the chance to participate in a fun challenging competition. Shoot what you want, at the time of day you want, in the light you want. Impress us all and enjoy!

**Note- This challenge is in no way connected to or in association with the Cartier-Bresson family, Foundation or Magnum Photo. This is merely a grass-roots contest in honor of a famous and well-respected photographer and man.


  1. If there are no prizes why not make the prize a print of one of the works. Winner gets to chose which work they get as a print? Not that there needs to be a prize even...

  2. Tristan,

    Excellent suggestion. The good news is I have lined up 3 prizes already, from a Canon 50/1.8 Leica LTM lens to a new Think Tank Bag and some Film. More to come!