Winner of the Decisive Challenge IV Summer 2013 Announced.

Well the votes have been cast and counted and the 8 prize winners are about to be revealed. I’d like to thank everyone who took part, either as a participant, a voter or a prize contributor. Without all of you this event would be nothing.

We had a great turnout, almost 50 individuals entered images, over 100 people cast votes for their favorites. The variety of images was fascinating and the quality high.

So, with no further ado, let’s get down to business.  

The winner of the Decisive Challenge IV Summer 2013 Competition is….. Let Her Run by Gail Tang
I will be contacting the winners in the order of their finish so they can choose from the remaining prizes. Great job everyone!!! Until next time…  

Order of finish (prize positions):
 Let Her Run by Gail Tang

The Cage by Jane 71 (Janko Oven)

The Other Side by fixedfocallife (Tristan Parker)

Riding for Rapelje by Rob Ruble (From Google+)

The Cave by erikhaugsby (Erik Haugsby)

Anglepoised by telenous (Alkis Plithas)

Guitar Nun by Clint Troy

Flying Youth By nicolaspinel of LUF (Nicolas Pinel)

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